Hardwood Flooring Refinishing & Repair

Floor installation Service — Photo of a Room With Unfinished Installation of Wood Flooring in Holland, MI
Rivershores offers a full Sand and Finish hardwood restoration. This restoration can be completed on prefinished floors as well. The process begins with the removal of the old finish by sanding down to bare wood.

Rivershores offers sanding services using The Bona Kemi Automatic Dust Containment System (DCS). Our DCS is Greenguard certified for indoor air quality, making for a cleaner, healthier and faster way to sand your floors.

Our DCS eliminates airborne dust associated with wood floor sanding and refinishing. No longer will you have dust settle in your air ducts, furnace filters, and every other nook and cranny in your house. After the sanding and removal of the harmful airborne particles, your house will be left healthier because of our DSC system. Contact us about our dustless system.

Next, any scratches and cuts to the floor are repaired, including the occasional plank replacement. After the repair process is completed, your desired stain is applied followed by 3 coats of polyurethane finish. This Sand and Finish process is recommended every 6-10 years, depending on floor usage.
To learn more about our West Michigan Hardwood Flooring Repair services come visit one of our showrooms located in Holland, MI and East Grand Rapids, MI. Or feel free to contact us directly at (616) 243-7000.