Hardwood Flooring Products

Refinishing and Resurfacing Service — Close Up Photo of Wood Flooring in Holland, MI
Domestic Flooring Products Choose from the prefinished and sand-on-site varieties in the extensive inventory of domestic hardwoods that Rivershores carries. You're sure to find the perfect fit for your décor with so many beautiful wood species to choose from.

Exotic Flooring Products Our exotic collection is also available in both prefinished and sand on-site varieties such as Brazilian Cherry, Sucupira, Cumaru, IPE, and Amendoim. Exotics offer a much harder option than domestic species. Rivershores has years of experience installing exotics in West Michigan.

Eco-Friendly Flooring Products More durable than oak or other hardwoods, Green Choice StrandWoven Bamboo and Mulberry flooring are made using natural resources that can be replenished easily and safely in a short period of time, keeping the best interests of the environment in mind.

Cork Flooring Products Cork is one of nature's perfect gifts and has been used as a flooring application for over a hundred years. Along with it being renewable and sustainable, it is also durable and comfortable to walk on.

Reclaimed Flooring Products This flooring is made from buildings, barns and beams that have weathered and stood the test of time. These floors offer a truly unique look that is equally at home in a cottage on the lake, rustic farmhouse, or a contemporary home.

Custom Stains We offer variety of custom stain options to personalize and update your solid hardwood floors.

Rivershores Custom Flooring Line, RIVIERA We are proud to share with you the Riviera Collection, a proprietary engineered flooring line from Rivershores Hardwood Flooring and Green Choice Flooring International. This engineered white oak collection features radiant wire brushing and authentic natural variation. Any custom Rivershores floor will provide an exclusive look to your home and is sure to be a conversation piece in your space.

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To learn more about our West Michigan Hardwood Flooring products come visit one of our showrooms located in Holland, MI and East Grand Rapids, MI. Or feel free to contact us directly at (616) 243-7000.


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