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Marvelous Resources for Researching Trending Twitter Topics how to get more twitters followers Hashtags have not only taken over our social media feeds, gain followers on twitter but they have entered into our lexicon as well. (Just turn to Jimmy and Justin for proof!) And tweets with hashtags receive 2x the engagement that posts without them, according to Buffer. Optimizing hashtags in your social media posts, like optimizing keywords in your website content, helps you attract the right visitors to your website and increase reach and social sharing among users who are actually interested in your content.Since Twitter broke the mold by introducing hashtags into the social media world, it has become one of the most effective tools for brands and marketers to connect with their target audience, increase social sharing and generate leads. Later adopted by Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest, this great way to share and track topics has spawned a hashtag revolution across platforms – a revolution that is helpful to personal and professional users alike.By now, your marketing team has most likely identified and implemented several hashtags that are relevant to your content. Whether you’ve performed hashtag research in the past or played the guessing game, staying abreast with recent trends on Twitter – particularly that within your industry – can seriously impact your marketing goals.When researching trending content topics on Twitter, keep in mind that Twitter trends change frequently, differ by location, are influenced by time of day, and have a short shelf life. Consider the time of day and how recent events have impacted trending topics in specific locations.It’s also important to note that Twitter trends are not always representative of trending topics of the larger public.

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Twitter App Now Explains Trending Topics

However, the major problem with Twitter hashtags is that it feels like you need an Urban Dictionary companion app—or, at the very least, average number of twitter followers a social-savvy friend—to decipher what some of the stranger ones really mean. Or, for that matter, why some trends are trending at a particular time.We admit that Trending Topics are pretty handy when it comes to inspiring content, but it’s also the same place EVERY. OTHER. BRAND (and probably your competitors) is looking for content ideas. Boring! Today, we’ve got 5 other places you can look for trending stories to inspire you.This tool has been around for years, but it’s made a resurgence in recent weeks when it released a new way of displaying trending searches: a new visualizer that allows you to view 1, 2, or up to 25 simultaneous trending searches – customizable to show one country or worldwide trends. Watch the trends flip by and click one you’re interested in to see the Google search results.As one of the most popular Twitter trend websites, the homepage immediately displays the top 40 trending topics by growth. You can research a specific hashtag or phrase related to your industry to view a popularity graph by the day and time, the most recent tweets, related hashtags and influencers.Twitturly is another way to track top-shared URLs. The interface allows users to see all of the active tweets that have shared a specific link. Social media marketing platforms (including uberVU, of course!) often have built-in data analysis tools that allow you to view trends in social at-a-glance. Exporting data from your social platform into a tool like can give you a sense of what the trending terms are.

Fascinating Ways to Track Twitter Trends

The simplest way to see trends on Twitter is on their official search page. buy 200 twitter followers Hot trends on Twitter appear on the search page and on the Twitter homepage, and clicking any will bring up a feed of the public conversation.For those who are visual, Twist provides a graphical interface to see trends and keywords on Twitter. It not only lists out the hot trends over the last few hours, days, and week, but it provides embeddable charts and the ability to compare trends. Monitter is one of the best ways to track trends in real-time. Type in keywords and it will automatically update with the most recent tweets containing those terms. Add or remove columns to give you the right amount of information.The popular webpage on Twitter hashtags also provides graphs on hashtag use just by hovering over the hashtag. There are also pages that show the most popular and newest hashtags, but their uptime is unreliable.If you’re managing community/social media for a tech-oriented brand, try checking out the “What’s Hot” section of Google+! This little-known section shares trending hashtags, popular posts and people/pages it thinks you may find interesting – perfect fodder for sharing or creating new content. Find the section Also a departure from the typical Twitter crowd, Reddit is a place where jokes, news, and interesting tidbits from across the internet are aggregated and ranked according to the number of people who have up- (or down-) voted the post or comment associated with it. If you’re in need of a new meme to fuel your content, Reddit is a great place to look. At least, that used to be the case. Twitter this week updated its mobile app to better explain what trending topics actually mean.

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